Past Projects

My research has a longstanding emphasis on ways personal life and identities interact with societal power structures. 

My MA Thesis research centered ideologies of womanhood in colonial Kenya. Specifically, I used memoirs, novels, newspapers, fashion spreads, and household guides to examine the discourses of femininity among British women living in interwar Kenya. 



The intimate and personal as political


Colonialism and Race


Visual Culture

Social Power

Publications and MA Thesis

Forthcoming article 1:

Working title: "Muscular Maternalism and the Settler Household in Interwar Colonial Kenya"

Projected date of publication: 2018

Forthcoming article 2:

Working title: "From Ruffles to Rifles: Intersections of Settler Femininities in Colonial Kenya, 1920-1940"

Projected date of publication: 2018

MA Thesis title: From Ruffles to Rifles: The Multifaceted Modern Woman as Imagined by British Settlers in Interwar Colonial Kenya, 2013

PhD Candidate, ABD

Michigan State University